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- Analyze workflows and offer recommendations to increase revenue and decrease expenses.
- Benchmark yourself to improve productivity and decision making capabilities.
- Process improvement to increase customer retention and profits.
- Quarterly or biannual onsite consulting visits scheduled regularly through the year.


Optimizer with Profit Predictor
- Address the critical needs of your business to achieve greater results.
- Executive Coach: Set and achieve goals
- Profit Predictor: View performance and risk in the business,
- MEDIC: See alerts for areas that are under performing areas of the business.
- BD College®: Best practices, training, and expert coaching to drive growth and outcomes.


Performance Workshops
- An in-house 20-group approach for multi-location dealer groups
- Three 3-day on-site moderated meetings conducted annually.
- Virtual coaching sessions conducted on non-meeting months.
- Goals established during the onsite meetings and performance is reviewed during virtual sessions.


Performance 20 Groups
- Peer collaboration process with like-minded business owners.
- Meetings involve dealer principals and managers offering valuable advice and experience.
- Non-competing dealerships groups.
- Openly share financial data and processes in detail to better your individual dealership.
- Members compare individual dealership performance against each another and against industry benchmarks.


Strategic Coaching - Business & 1:1
- Real-world, relevant, and practical approaches to helping your teams grow.
- Onsite training to impacting your people with management education.
- Overall dealership strategy, training, events and employee consulting.
- Online skills-based training for continued emphasis on achieving results.

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