Do you know what you’re missing? On average 19.4 percent of calls are missed at the dealership (unanswered or abandoned) *. Missing calls kills opportunities and profits, leading to upset customers. So, how do dealers know if calls are missed? CDK Global can help dealers manage and recover lost calls better than anyone!
*Marchex 2017 Automotive Call Handling Index of 8 million calls

Our communication system is specifically designed for dealers with embedded workflow integrations and analytics. Dealers get everything they need — a smart, simplified solution that helps manage calls, drive opportunities and improve the customer experience.

  • Flexibility for your Dealership
    Make sure every call is maximized with CDK Voice Connect, a simple, flexible call handling solution that scales to your dealership’s needs.

    Voice Connect is our integrated phone system designed to help you deliver a superior customer experience with personalization.

  • The Right Devices for the Job
    Choose a device that’s right for your dealership and employees with CDK NextPhone.

    NextPhone, our Phone as a Service Model, shifts phone purchases from a costly one-time purchase to a low monthly fee.

  • Management with Insights
    Improve your opportunity rate with CDK Communication Insights. Shift away from drowning in reports and data to “tell me when there is an exception” and "when I should act".

  • Communication Insights is our analytics and performance management solution that gives you actionable insights to manage and recover lost calls and help drive opportunities, while linking this communication data to your CDK DMS and CRM records. Now with a cloud-based Call Recording option.

  • Reliable and Efficient Connections
    Keep your dealership connected to the critical applications that fuel your business, like voice, with CDK Cloud Connect.

    Cloud Connect, our new SD-WAN technology, helps put the cloud to work for your dealership and keeps your network going strong.