Increase Profits. Decrease Time in the F&I Office.


Losing sales by providing customers with a shopping experience that’s not relevant?

Still using a traditional sales pitch rather than showing shoppers what they want?

CDK MenuVantage PlatinumTM Powered by Darwin Automotive is driven by predictive analytics, so your add-on suggestions hit the mark with your customers. This leads to increased product penetration, income per vehicle retailed (PVR) and profitability.

Intuitive and tablet-friendly, menuVantage Platinum lets you:

  • Pull a deal, rate products and present a personalized presentation in seconds
  • Present customer-preferred options and all product offerings clearly in a side-by-side menu
  • Curate the right products automatically without building menus each and every time
  • Text customers presentations and conduct complete remote presentations
  • Streamline the delivery process with its enhanced e-signature capabilities
  • Change cost per period to tailor presentations to the pay period of each customer
  • Increase your CSI scores by significantly reducing the time in the F&I office

With MenuVantage Platinum, your team is better equipped to upsell, which can increase profit and average transaction value.


algorithms help create the ideal presentation.

to pull a deal, rate products and provide a personalized presentation.

of previous purchase history MVP can pull up within the F&I presentation.


of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decision.**

*Source: CDK Business Intelligence
** Source: Infosys

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