Is your dealership adapting well to evolving technology? With the role of technology increasing more and more every day to meet customer demands, frequent changes to your digital workflow are here to stay.

With CDK Drive Flex, it’s an evolution everyone can embrace. Drive Flex is designed to meet the ever-changing technology needs of your dealership, making your job simple. It’s cloud-based so your business is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Drive Flex workflows are intuitive so employees can get up to speed faster. Plus, it’s scalable, so you get everything you need without the need for an aspirin.

Learn more about how CDK Global and Drive Flex can help you greet technology changes with open arms.


CDK Global is a leading global provider of integrated information technology and digital marketing solutions to the automotive retail and adjacent industries.

Focused on enabling end-to-end automotive commerce, CDK Solutions automate and integrate all parts of the dealership and buying process — from targeted digital advertising and marketing campaigns to the sale, financing, insuring, parts supply, repair and maintenance of vehicles.

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We know that a Dealer Management System (DMS) is the heartbeat of many dealerships, as it integrates all parts of the business. Our innovative CDK Drive Flex DMS makes it easy to manage every aspect of your dealership — inventory management, deal creation, accounting, and even service repairs.

It’s scalable, so it adapts to your changing needs. It’s cloud-based, so you can deploy and realize value faster. And it’s intuitive, so it’s easy for all employees to use, regardless of their prior DMS experience. CDK Drive Flex is simply all you need to manage your business.

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Get up close with Drive Flex

Take a closer look at our innovative new DMS with this short video series.


Intuitive Workflows


Printing with Drive Flex

See what customers are saying
about Drive Flex

Why would I recommend Drive Flex to other dealers? The workflows are up-to-date and easier to use, it’s faster than what we were using so we can be more productive. And because it’s cloud-based, I can work anywhere at anytime!

One of the features I really love is the ability to have as many tabs open as I want. If I’m working in nine different areas of the business, I can have all nine tabs or functions open at one time, and all my work is saved automatically in each one. That’s productivity!