CDK Automotive Commerce Collab

Changing the Game by Unifying the Industry

Creating a Single Branded Journey Across
the Automotive Retail Landscape

Consumers want their journey to begin anywhere: at the OEM website, through an inventory portal, on the dealer website or in person at the showroom. And they expect technology to respond fluidly no matter which direction they choose to take. 

Backed by our 50-year track record of innovation, CDK is delivering it all now through the Automotive Commerce Collab. We're empowering OEMs and dealers to provide a singular, branded and seamless buying and service experience — online and in-store, across all automotive retail touch points.

Add Satisfaction to Your System

CDK Global

Unifying All Platforms — Our Automotive Commerce Collab represents a leap forward in connecting OEMs and dealers, regardless of system, to ensure every consumer enjoys a consistent and satisfying journey. 

CDK Global

Consumer-Centric Tools — Put customers first with functionality that includes penny-perfect pricing, transactional tools aligned with consumer expectations, and the flexibility to support their nonlinear, highly individual paths. 

CDK Global

Frictionless Engagement — The universal APIs of our Automotive Commerce Collab remove friction points from Sales and Service, online and in-store, for greater satisfaction among retailers and consumers.

Accelerating the Automotive Ecosystem 

Uniquely positioned at the heart of the automotive retail ecosystem, CDK has delivered hundreds of thousands of integrations for OEMs, dealers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV).

We introduced a new category of software in 2023, seamlessly integrating every dealership workflow through the launch of the CDK Dealership Xperience.

And now, by deepening integration between OEMs and dealers with the Automotive Commerce Collab, we're changing the game. Again.

Join us in putting your consumers first — and setting a new standard for the automotive retail industry.

CDK Global

Your Consumers Are Waiting

Step into the future of automotive retail and discover how our Automotive Commerce Collab can streamline your operations and enhance the customer journey.