With Tools That Empower Techs and Streamline Workflows

of daily fixed operations productivity is lost due to manual processes*

*CDK Global Insights

Reduce Operational Drag on Your Technicians

Ensure your Techs are operating at peak performance by equipping them with the right digital tools. Fully integrated Fixed Operations solutions from CDK Global can save valuable time across the entire Service workflow, moving the needle for productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Boost Technician Efficiency

Give techs access to integrated pricing and real-time communication tools that eliminate the need to leave the service bay.

Reclaim Lost Revenue

Build customer trust and sell more service by utilizing high-quality video in inspections and customer communications.

Amplify Tech Talent

Augment Technicians’ skills with Predictive Service insights that identify components with a high probability of failure.

Do More With the Fixed Operations Suite


Maximize your Service efficiency and workflow, sell more service and provide a superior customer experience with a multipoint inspection solution.

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Integrated Service Pricing

Provide accurate, consistent pricing for the customer, while increasing efficiency for your Technicians with a fully integrated service pricing solution.

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Real-Time Communication Tools

Integrate your Service and Parts departments with email and text alerts, instant messaging and tracking dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute repair updates.

HD-Quality Technician Videos

Get quicker repair approvals and higher NPS results by capturing videos of the vehicle in the service bay and texting them directly to the customer.

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Predictive Service

Utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to clue Technicians in to components with a high probability of failure.

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Streamline Fixed Ops With CDK

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