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Build a Software Strategy That Serves
Your Unique Needs

Coming in Spring 2023

At CDK Global, everything we build and all the decisions we make are designed to empower dealers to run their businesses on their own terms. Change continues to define the auto industry. Keeping up with consumer expectations requires improving productivity, efficiency and security with the correct information, resources and infrastructure. That’s why, in Spring 2023, we will be offering a suite of enhanced and secure Data Export and Import tools as a free software license to CDK Dealers.

Dealers will have the ability to sync customer, service vehicle, and appointment data between their preferred third-party application and CDK solutions.

Putting Dealers in the Driver's Seat

CDK Global

Enhanced Data Export and Import Tools - CDK is taking the Data Access tools being used by thousands of dealers today and making investments to bring additional enhancements to their usability, scalability and security

CDK Global

Ability to control data sharing - CDK's enhancements to the tools are designed to ensure that you can safely extract the data that your ISV Partners need to serve you and share it directly with them with confidence

CDK Global

No fees from CDK - CDK is eliminating our license fees to dealers to use these tools AND when you share data directly with your ISV there are no fees from us to these ISVs

What’s in Store for Dealers

Although we believe CDK products are the gold standard in our industry, we understand that some dealerships prefer to use third-party vendors and we want to make that easier for our dealer partners.

A Suite of Tools Designed To
Meet Your Specific Needs

Dealers can now easily import and export information from their CDK Services to your data warehouse and share with your desired vendor, with no fees from CDK. Each tool is made to meet a specific need.

Drive Data Reporting and Export included with your Drive DMS platform, providing standard reports and simplistic data export capabilities.

Complex Export allows dealers to access, query, and export data from a large, comprehensive data set including Service, Sales, Parts and Accounting data in the DMS, including multistore data from all stores in the DMS box.

Export and Import delivers on-demand export and import of data in the DMS and other CDK systems using APIs.


CDK Global

What This Means for Developers

Instead of working through the CDK Global Partner Program, dealers and independent software vendors (ISVs) can work together directly through the more robust and feature-rich set of Data Export and Import tools.

We will make sure your business is not disrupted during this transition. Any Partner Program Developer can
choose to either work with CDK's value-added services or to collect data from their dealer clients directly.

Adding New Choices for ISVs

CDK Global

CDK’s Managed ISV Services

CDK Global
Scheduled, bulk export of data, cleansing and standardization of data, available for CDK and other DMS providers, white glove implementation and support
CDK Global
New, modern APIs (REST and Async), available for all CDK products available and delivered through the Fortellis API Directory



Count on Choice

The only way to stay ahead of the future is to create it and as our industry evolves, our ability to meet the demands of all of our customers requires a commitment to change before it’s required. We’ve been transforming CDK to be simpler and easier to work with. This approach is a natural evolution, bringing speed, simplicity, efficiency and security to our customers.