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Heavy Equipment

Sunset and New Release Timing Update (updated 10/20)


As of October 1, 2020 PFW PartFinder entered End-of-Life status. We are discontinuing this solution due to market demand and a change in focus and investment. We encourage you to review the Parts Price Extract interface which will export parts price changes which can then be used in a variety of other e-commerce platforms.

CDK PPUs & Releases

As of December 31, 2020, no new PPUs will be released for IntelliDealer 6.5. As of IntelliDealer 7.0, all new features, functionality and defect resolutions will be delivered throughout the year and without a large annual release. Please watch the PPU release notes and news feed for upcoming changes.

Signature Pad Devices

Magtek IPAD SC (U.S. & Canada), Magtek DynaPro (U.S. only) and the Verifone MX880 (Canada only) are the only CDK-supported devices. Signatures are mandatory for credit card processing so these devices are required for the 2CP Payment Card interface.The devices have to be purchased through CDK Heavy Equipment because they need the proper encryption credentials loaded on the device.


GetWired is a mandatory product that all CDK Heavy Equipment dealers need for our Mobile products, ASP access and overlays. We require the secured VPN access in order to be able to support connections to your onsite IBM server.


CDK Heavy Equipment Support Information

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