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CDK Global Heavy Truck is the partner you need to go the distance, with our comprehensive, dependable and integrated solution suite to meet your business demands. We've spent 50+ years collecting industry data and insights to help dealerships like yours run more efficiently and effectively, so your business can fire on all cylinders.

Powerful Solutions for Your Dealership Management System

CDK Drive is a flexible, powerful dealer management system (DMS) tailored to your Truck dealership's needs. Get the insights and tools you need to manage your business efficiently and profitably. Experience a DMS that changes how you manage your business.

Customized service to fit your needs — from hardware and software upgrades to maintenance, monitoring and administrative support.

Effectively manage your Lease, Rental and Maintenance operations.

Win the numbers game with electronic payments, streamlined AP processes, Payroll solutions and more. Simplify communications with our integrated telephony solutions.

Get your customers on the road faster with strong Service solutions.

Sell strong with one solution for your entire Sales workflow — from lead generation and inventory to quoting and customer follow-ups.

80+ Heavy Truck OEM-specific integrations are available for you. Having established close relationships with our OEMs, we combine their input with your feedback and what’s going on in the broader industry to create tight integrations that help you work efficiently and effectively.

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CDK Helps Drive Jackson Group Peterbilt's Dealership Success

Cybersecurity Solutions

Here To Help Your Business Avoid a Costly Attack

Did you know that 70% of dealers' antivirus is not current? It's one pricey oversight. Between 2016 and 2019, email compromise cost dealers 26 billion dollars. It’s no longer a question of if but when your dealership will be attacked.

Cyberattacks Hurt Your Bottom Line and Your Reputation

In today's market, your dealership can't afford downtime due to the numerous threats lurking in cyberspace.

16.2 days
Lost Revenue

The average length of downtime due to ransomware

Lost Customers

Of consumers said they would not go back to buy another vehicle after their data had been compromised

Cost of Inaction

The current average payout to thieves in ransomware attack

Our Layered Cybersecurity System


Stop cyberthreats before they can harm your dealership



Detect and remove malware before it can cause damage



Focus on your business instead of worrying about data threats

Protection You Can Trust

CDK cybersecurity solutions and highly-trained professionals provide 24x7x365 protection. Using our cutting-edge technology and 20 years of dealership experience, we deliver multilayer cyber solutions that keep your employees, customers, and business connected, productive, and secure.

Parts Management

Parts Keep Business Running

CDK Parts Delivery Management makes it easy to check your inventory and track down the part your customer needs, keeping you both informed on arrival time. By minimizing their downtime, your customers can rely on you to help protect their profits and drive their success.

Parts Delivery Management Enables You To:

STAY ACCURATE: Catch and correct errors before they cost you time or money.

IMPROVE THE SERVICE EXPERIENCE: Keep buyers informed on delivery dates so they can plan accordingly.

OPTIMIZE OPERATION: Take advantage of reporting tools, automation and DMS integration.

"Using PDM, we run at 99.2% accuracy at time of delivery, while averaging 3,000 invoices per day."

Dave Wittlinger
General Sales Manager
Fred Beans Parts & Carquest of Doylestown

Smooth Operating Machine

CDK PartScan helps you save time, improve accuracy and offer faster customer service in your Parts department. PartScan significantly reduces the time and expense of receiving parts and creating credit memos. It also streamlines the physical inventory and cycle count processes to help you work smarter.

"Simplifying the Sales process to reduce friction points and opening new sources of Parts inventory were two other areas where Trendsetters put more focus than their traditional counterparts."

-CDK Global State of the Industry report, 2023

Service View

Empowering Techs To Be Transparent

CDK ServiceView enables your technicians to record personalized videos and text them directly to your customers — giving them a clear understanding. You’ll gain customers' trust, quicker turnaround time on repair approvals, and a higher NPS score.

Visibly Better Service


Higher CSI scores from using video and texting

4 min

Average time between videos being sent and customers viewing them*
*Source: TruVideo

The Benefits of ServiceView:

  • Improves customer communication with an integrated two-way texting platform
  • Collaborate effortlessly by phone or computer with the internal chat feature
  • Use the Dashboard to get real-time analytics and track KPIs so you can make informed decisions
  • Eliminate customer damage complaints by completing a walk-around video of every unit that pulls into your service lane
  • Provide a convenient way for your customers to pay for their services with mobile payments

CDK Drive Accounting

An Accounting System You Can Count On

CDK Drive Accounting provides real-time, complete financial visibility — in one system for all your locations. Equip your Accounting team with the tools for efficient financial reporting and sound decision-making.

 Here’s How We Add to Your Success:

  • Executive Desktop views of key performance metrics to help aspects of your dealership
  • Ability to manage one store or multiple dealerships from a single business office
  • Fast and easy year-end reporting with compliant financial statements for all major OEMs
  • Strong audit trails to keep track of money, reduce risk and provide confidence in the integrity of your financial data
  • A real-time pulse for your financials with account level alerts and exception reporting
  • Streamlined workflows to drive efficiency and productivity

Make Your Dealership Run Smoothly

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