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CDK IntelliDealer 6.5

See what you’ve been missing.

Depending on an outdated DMS to increase profits?
It’s more likely creating inefficiencies such as high operating costs, security risks and cumbersome processes.

CDK IntelliDealer 6.5
— with its modern interface, real-time data access and enhanced navigation — is fully integrated, helping you get powerful insights, find efficiencies, expand mobility, enhance visibility, and improve accuracy to stay ahead in a changing industry.

CDK ID MobileAccess

CDK MyDealer Access

CDK Inspections

Dynamic solutions to boost
sales, loyalty and productivity.

From deepening customer relationships to providing unparalleled visibility into your data, CDK Global Heavy Equipment offers tools that seamlessly integrate with IntelliDealer 6.5 and adapt to your changing needs.

CDK ID MobileAccess

Boost Productivity in the Field

Give any employee remote access to real-time information 24/7 — saving time, reducing errors and ensuring safe work environments.

CDK ID MobileAccess allows you to:

  • Track repair times in the field — even without connectivity
  • Talk to text to input cause and corrections on repairs
  • Put equipment inventory management in your pocket
  • View in-depth parts information, perform searches of your inventory, and monitor on-order quantities by branch
  • Access and maintain your call schedule, call history and status of calls from anywhere
  • Complete customizable inspections from Traffic, MobileTech or manually as needed for your business

CDK MyDealer Access

Increase customer retention

Offer your customers self-service, around-the-clock access — from any device — to their account and equipment information, extending the customer relationship long past opening hours.

CDK MyDealer Access lets customers:

  • Request service appointments online, eliminating unnecessary calls
  • Access news, statements, equipment for sale and rent
  • Manage shopping lists, place an order, view quotes, invoices and prior purchase orders
  • Buy parts online

CDK Inspections

Improve Your Equipment Inspection Process

Give your team a tool that provides accurate inspections — with integrations from Service, Traffic, or the ability to launch as needed — all within CDK ID MobileAccess.

With CDK Inspections, you can:

  • Digitize all your inspections from PDI to a revenue — generating 5 things in 5 minutes to increase revenue
  • Better manage and protect rental fleet by inspecting outbound and inbound machinery
  • Archive every appraisal with information to capture all trade opportunities in your area over time
  • File each inspection where you need it — Work Order, Rental return, Traffic — all archived and easily retrieved, including pictures captured upon that transaction

See what you’ve been missing.

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