Connect Your Dealership With Your Service Customers

Drive Customer Loyalty and Service Revenue With Lexus Monogram Service

CDK Service has been selected as a partner for the Lexus Monogram Service program.

This exclusive full-service platform created for Lexus dealers provides a seamless way to connect with your customers at every touchpoint. Designed to enhance transparency, increase customer loyalty and drive more revenue for your Service and Parts departments, it’s a win-win proposition for everyone.

Take a quick look at the solutions below to see how you can create an exceptional service experience for your customers with Lexus Monogram Service.

CDK Service

CDK Service puts cutting-edge technology to work for your dealership while streamlining how your Technicians perform. The result? A more profitable Service department with happier customers.

CDK Appointment

An easy and convenient way for your customers to schedule service appointments, 24/7.

CDK Lane

By incorporating tablets in the Service Lane, you enhance customer greetings, streamline write-ups and expedite the lane inspection process

CDK Inspect

This complete multipoint inspection solution streamlines your Service workflow.

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CDK Connected Vehicle

Say hello to a simpler, smarter process with CDK Connected Vehicle. Gone are the days your Advisors having to check different solutions or the vehicle itself to get the data they need to write a repair order. Now they can enjoy up-to-the-moment visibility on warranty and maintenance status while writing an order.

CDK Vehicle Tracker

Want to create a superior service experience for your customer? CDK Vehicle Tracker lets your customers see the status of their vehicle on their smart device as it moves through the repair process. The greater the transparency, the greater the trust.

CDK ServicePricing

With CDK ServicePricing, you can create a better customer experience by providing quick and accurate quotes with the touch of a button.

  • Access instant parts lookup for over 30 brands
  • Unlock new opportunities for profit with suggested related repairs
  • Know all preventative maintenance, including what's recommend by the manufacturer, for every vehicle
  • Enhance functionality and efficiency through seamless integration with a CDK DMS

CDK ServiceView

Use CDK ServiceView* to provide a clear explanation of repairs by recording and texting personalized videos of the customer's vehicle inspection. Not only is texting more convenient for customers — it leads to more confident purchase decisions, quicker turnaround time on repair approvals and higher NPS scores.

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Predictive Service

Help your customers prepare for what lies ahead with Predictive Service. By looking at historical data from millions of repair orders and applying advanced analytics and AI, Predictive Service identifies the components of a customer's specific vehicle that have a high probability of failure — to head off issues before they occur.

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CDK OnePay

Grow Revenue and Increase Consumer Spending With Flexible, Touchless Payment Options:

  • Request payments through text or email
  • Reduce wait times and deliver seamless payment experiences for your customers in store, mobile or online
  • Streamline your end-of-day reconciliation process
  • Save with competitive merchant transaction fees, no additional integration fees or subscription costs

CDK Neuron Service Performance

Want a healthier and more profitable Service operation? Gain actionable insights on dealership data to improve your service performance and profitability.

  • Key insights on Service performance
  • Simple dashboard and workflow tools
  • Compare dealership KPIs to your Lexus region and district

Make It Easier to Provide a First-Rate Customer Experience

If you’re ready to turn challenges into opportunities, we’re here to help. Our industry expertise, curated data and advanced technologies are all part of our next-generation dealer management solutions. In fact, Lexus Monogram solutions are specifically designed to support your business and keep customers coming back.