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Tens of millions in technological investment. Bold advances in accelerating the car-buying process. Powerful data. Far-reaching vision. Committed partnerships.

Through it all, we’re leveraging our unique place at the center of the ecosystem — and taking action to ensure your dealership remains vital to the future of the industry.

Expert Insights With CDK Live

Listen in on conversations between CDK SMEs and top names in the industry. Learn key findings directly from members of the CDK Research & Insights team. Check back for the latest scheduling information to see them live at NADA, or view them on-demand afterward as CDK Live video podcasts.

Day 1

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State of the Industry
Brian MacDonald | President and CEO, CDK Global
Jason Stein | Founder & CEO, Flat Six Media; Creator & Host of "Cars & Culture With Jason Stein" on SiriusXM

Brian MacDonald shares his thoughts on the current industry and our place in it. While there are positive signs around inventory levels, there are still many unknowns facing the industry in 2023, including high interest rates, dropping used vehicle prices and the future of EVs.
Today's Friction Points
Michael Lucki | NADA Academy
Peter Kahn | Sr. Director, Research and Insights, CDK Global
Anu Roberts | Sr. Director, Modern Retail, CDK Global

As Modern Retailing begins to take a deeper hold across the industry, there are still areas at every point of the dealership experience that can become a drag on the customer journey. In our latest Friction Points study, we uncovered where the industry has improved and what still creates friction for customers.
Friday, January 27, 11:00 a.m.
Why You Should Never Overlook Your Technician Talent
Mike Coley | ASE Education Foundation
Kim Saylor | Director, Fixed Operations, CDK Global

There has been a Service Technician shortage for years, and today’s labor market isn’t making it any easier to recruit. That’s why retention is becoming even more important for dealers. Learn what dealers are doing to keep the talent they have and hear about the trends we expect to see in the future.
Rideshare's Impact on the Dealer
David Radeloff | Enterprise Account Executive, Uber for Business
Kim Saylor | Director, Fixed Operations, CDK Global

Ridesharing was once a serious concern for the automotive retail industry, but today services like Uber work hand in hand with dealers to answer customer needs in the Service department. Hear from Uber about what’s next for the company, its relationship with dealers and how their ridesharing technology is now integrated within CDK Drive and CDK Service.
Friday, January 27, 1:00 p.m.
Driving Intelligent Reporting for Dealers Emily Hernandez Dar Suy
Dar Suy | Sr. Director, Product Management, CDK Global
Emily Hernandez | Product Marketer, CDK Neuron, CDK Global

Data is fuel for the automotive industry. Without a dedicated staff and hundreds of hours, data also poses an intimidating challenge. In this session, dealers will learn how software tools with the right combination of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence can turn data into a competitive advantage. Key results from our most recent market research study “Where Intelligent Reporting Stands at the Dealership” will be highlighted.
Friday, January 27, 2:00 p.m.
Is an EV Backlash on the Horizon? David Thomas Tyson Jominy
Tyson Jominy | Vice President of Data and Analytics, JD Power
David Thomas | Director of Content Marketing, CDK Global

2022 saw a dramatic rise in EV sales, but will we continue to see a rapid rise in 2023? A lack of EV inventory to meet demand, problematic charging infrastructure and high cost of entry are all known issues that could slow acceptance. But as buyers look at recession-filled headlines, will consumer confidence be a new issue facing EVs? What other factors could either upend their success or speed it forward?

Day 2

Saturday, January 28, 9:30 a.m.
State of Cybersecurity Anu Roberts Joe Bell Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
Jonathan Nguyen-Duy | VP, Global Field CISO, Fortinet
Joe Bell | VP, IT Solutions, CDK Global
Anu Roberts | Sr. Director, IT Solutions, CDK Global

Our second annual state of cybersecurity report unveiled how dealers are thinking and tackling threats to their stores. We’ll discuss the results of the study with a leader in the industry and explain how upcoming guidelines from the FTC should be addressed.
Saturday, January 28, 10:15 a.m.
Service Shopper 2.0 Kim Saylor Peter Kahn
Peter Kahn | Sr. Director, Research and Insights, CDK Global
Kim Saylor | Director, Fixed Operations, CDK Global

The Service department is a pivotal part of any store. Our latest service shopper survey found what is top of mind across generations and what’s unique about Gen Z and millennial customers. Hear what you can do to keep the customers you have while attracting those who may have preferred independent shops in the past.
Saturday, January 28, 1:00 p.m.
Surviving Extinction … Again and Again Barb Edson Glenn Mercer
Glenn Mercer | Industry Researcher
Barb Edson | SVP and CMO, CDK Global

Dealers have seemingly faced industry-ending disruption for decades. Long-time industry expert Glenn Mercer will discuss some of the issues dealers have overcome in the past, what they face today and what may come tomorrow.
Saturday, January 28, 2:00 p.m.
How AI Helps Dealers Anu Roberts Joe Bell Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar | Product Manager, Google
Joe Bell | VP, IT Solutions, CDK Global
Anu Roberts | Sr. Director, IT Solutions, CDK Global

AI-powered products like CDK Intelligent Connect rely on collaboration with some of the biggest technology firms in the world. Join us to learn how AI is evolving the day-to-day workflows of the dealership and what’s next. Google recently named CDK Global a “Google Innovation Partner” and placed the company on its Google Advisory Board.

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