Maintaining a network on your own can be complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone. The experts at CDK Global are here to make it easier for you with proven solutions tailored to your business. Our solutions help you save time, money and resources so you can stay focused on what really matters — your business.

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Enjoy stronger connections

Your business can’t afford interruptions caused by internet outages and unstable connections. So it’s important to make sure your network is equipped not only to keep up with data demands, but can also:

  • Actively monitor the health of all your connections
  • Intelligently choose the fastest data path to reduce lags
  • Prioritize data so your most business-critical data goes first
  • Anticipate evolving technology to keep you competitive

Getting your system a prompt and professional evaluation can identify where your network can be strengthened — so your business stays connected when others fail.

Get protection and peace of mind

Legacy antivirus software and firewalls are no match for the latest cyberthreats. To keep your business safe from hackers, viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks, make sure your network security includes:

  • Perimeter protection to provide a strong exterior line of defense
  • Endpoint safeguards for internal protection at every connected device
  • 24x7x365 expert monitoring by a dedicated cybersecurity team

Without a robust and secure network, your business could lose everything: profits, data, reputation, business and the trust of your customers.

Rely on years of proven expertise

CDK Global is the leading choice of technology solutions and service for thousands of businesses nationwide. From our decades of experience in the highly competitive automotive sector, we’ve developed a uniquely powerful, easy-to-manage approach to networking and security which is rapidly transforming a growing number of businesses. Here’s what we can bring to your business:

  • 20+ years of proven experience
  • Our experts deliver an authentic touch with an easy-to-manage approach
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Keep this handy one-page guide on hand with key features to look for in your network. Missing just one could be a red flag indicating the need for an update.