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CDK Drive Payment Settling API

Improved customer PAYMENT
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The simplest way to update parts and repair order payments on the CDK Drive DMS. Provide a superior end user experience for both dealers and buyers.

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This new payment API, built exclusively for the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™, gives dealers and customers more options while reducing the time it takes to process payments.

CDK Drive Payment Settling API Key Capabilities:

Send requests for payment settling

  • Creating and updating a repair order
  • Adding a service
  • Creating and approving additional Service requests

Query the status of the payment settling request

  • Query the status of the payment settling request based on the Promise ID returned in the initial settling request from the ISV

Payment Settling API workflows

  • PayNow – customer is in the dealership paying
  • Invite-2-Pay – customer is paying online (contactless payment)

How does the API work?

The CDK ePayments Development team has enabled the ability to update the CDK DMS with the results of successful payments taken externally from the DMS

Existing CDK Drive APIs have been leveraged in order to enable this capability:

Fortellis Integration

  • Additional input/schema validation
  • Business rules/logic in place
    (ex. cannot settle an amount for more than what is owed)
  • Additional required fields


All transactional requests/responses are logged


CDK ePayments provides developer with documentation on the APIs to provide knowledge base and recommended workflow

User Testing

The ePayment Development Team works with ISV developer(s) through testing environment to ensure they are using the APIs correctly

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Built on Fortellis

The Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ platform is a technology engine that enables seamless connections between consumers, such as dealers, manufacturers, developers, lenders and data providers.

  • Superior data integrity
  • Developer friendly
  • Detailed API and implementation docs
  • Faster and more efficient product releases

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