Take your fixed ops
To the next level.

Get all the benefits of a 20 Group with more flexibility and no travel costs.

Improving your fixed ops starts with identifying the problems. Virtual Performance 20 Groups are an all-new opportunity for dealers that miss out on valuable fixed ops fixes because of the high travel costs and rigid scheduling of typical 20 Groups. With more focus on your individual fixed ops needs, Virtual Performance 20 Groups can make an even bigger impact on your business.

Key Features

All-new virtual meeting format offers better value and more impact

Meet with different departments monthly or take a deep dive into one

Monthly digital financial composite with benchmarks and detailed analytics in an easy-to-understand format

Groups meet every month, covering multiple topics based on your team’s needs and schedule

Trained moderators facilitate the flow of ideas and insights into problems that group members need resolved

Web access for online composite that is completely customizable

Key Features

  • Aligns you with non-competing dealerships with similar brand, sales volumes and/or similar areas of focus
  • Provides you access to valuable advice, ideas, and experiences of like-minded dealers
  • Deep dive into the business analytics and KPIs


  • Measurable, relevant benchmarks with concrete financial objectives for greater accountability for growth
  • Uncover areas of opportunity in your business and discover ways to improve your results at each meeting

"Consulting helps us better utilize CDK. Without consulting, it would be near impossible to get all the benefits of the system tools and reports. Our consultant hits it out of the park! His dealership experience enables him to give direct advice to overcome obstacles. He doesn't just show us how to use the system, he shows us what we can use in the system to overcome a department struggle."

Curtis Merrifield, President, Mainline Automotive Group Ltd.

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