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6 Strategies to Boost Customer Retention and Loyalty

With new vehicle sales slipping, dealership loyalty at a paltry 25 percent, and the shop down the street offering big deals on basic service, acquiring pre-owned vehicles at a low cost and generating revenue from existing customers is more vital than ever.

And if you need more convincing – did you know it’s over 350 percent more profitable to sell to an existing customer than a new one?

Typical loyalty and retention strategies may include automated marketing triggers and one-size-fits-all specials – but that’s not enough to win in today’s market.

So how do you provide outstanding customer experience and convert service customers back to sales?

In 6 Strategies to Boost Customer Retention and Loyalty, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make a great first impression to build trust with your customers instantly
  • Build personal relationships while still hitting your sales goals
  • Personalize and target your marketing so you can deliver the perfect message at the perfect time
  • Create a better customer experience to cultivate more business
  • Use equity mining strategies to deliver value to customers while helping your bottom line
  • Offer exclusive benefits and incentives to reward your loyal customers for doing business with you
  • Convert your sales customers to service – and back again to sales

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