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CDK Repair Order API


CDK Repair Order API allows the integration of
dealers' existing Service workflows into CDK Drive.

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Through this new API, built exclusively for the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™, industry software providers will have write-back access to the lifecycle of a repair order, and the ability to read, monitor, edit, and create repair orders in CDK Drive.

With a technology stack built to open up workflows between dealers and their partners, Service partners can now integrate their Service application workflows with CDK Drive.

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CDK Repair Order API gives you access to the full life cycle of a repair order, including:

  • Creating and updating a repair order
  • Adding a service
  • Creating and approving additional Service requests
  • Tabulating costs
  • Recording dispatched work

CDK Drive Repair Order includes five APIs through Fortellis – at no additional cost:

  • Service Customer API
  • Vehicle Specifications
  • Repair Order API
  • CDK Drive Op codes
  • Service Vehicle API

CDK Repair Order API in the market today via Fortellis

Cox Automotive uses the API in their Xtime solution through which dealers can offer mobile scheduling, check in and service updates to customers.

GoMoto utilizes the API to provide a self-serve vehicle check in for customers at dealerships, thus helping dealers provide a better customer experience and reduce service advisor man hours.


Q: What APIs does Repair Order use?

A: CDK Repair Order for Fortellis currently includes five unique APIs, including: Service Vehicles API, OpCodes API, Service Customer API, Vehicle specifications API and Repair Order API.

Q: How is the RO API priced?

A: CDK has chosen a transaction-based model for its Fortellis APIs. Pricing is per call made to the Repair Order API only. Support APIs such as Service Vehicles, Op Codes, Service Customers and Vehicle Specifications are offered at no charge. As with all of CDK APIs through Fortellis, there is no upfront development, dealer setup or monthly minimum fees.

Q: Who is the RO API ideal for at the moment?

A: Any app developer looking to provide solutions that improve service workflow.

Q: How many API calls does one repair order have?

A: The number of expected RO API calls vary by use case. A service check-in tool is likely to just have a need to make one call to create a Repair Order. Apps that are more deeply embedded in the service workflow could choose to update a Repair Order multiple times.

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The Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ platform is a technology engine that enables seamless connections between consumers, such as dealers, manufacturers, developers, lenders and data providers.

  • Superior data integrity
  • Developer friendly
  • Detailed API and implementation docs
  • Faster and more efficient product releases

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What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of rules, implemented by software, that allows two computer systems or applications to interact with one another.


CDK APIs for Fortellis have been designed to make it easier to integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, and algorithms. They also create new user experiences, share data and information, authenticate people and things, enable transactions and algorithms, leverage third-party algorithms, and create new product/services and business models. In short, they help enable businesses to run smoother.

The RO API is the first of many.
Be on the lookout for more CDK APIs in the future.