Are back-office tasks becoming nail-biting terrors?

Make them less intimidating with CDK Drive

Accounting, F&I and CRM can all be scary, back-office monsters — and gobble up time you’d rather spend with customers. But with the easy-to-use functionality of Drive, your team has the power to slay those tasks fast.

Supercharge your dealership with a DMS that's priced to fit your needs

We've designed Drive Essentials 10 to fit your dealership's needs. Get all of the capabilities and data you need to grow your business, plus intuitive workflows that make it easier to manage a single site and multiple stores. It's everything your dealership needs to succeed.

Choose from two package options: 10 Users or 20 Users.

Drive Essentials Includes:


An all-in-one DMS
Includes everything from Core modules to OEM integrations, Accounting, F&I, Payroll and Fixed Operations


Intuitive, flexible reporting
Proactively manage day-to-day activities with all the necessary reports


A sleek interface
Designed for efficiency and ease-of-use


Simplified billing
An invoice that reduces the number of line items and streamlines installation


Easy integration
Seamlessly integrate your DMS with your existing software


Built-in compliance
Minimize and detect fraud or other irregularities with industry-standard forms and reports

Don’t be afraid of your back office again.

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