Simple ID

CDK Drive Is Offering Better Security and Easier User Management With Simple ID

Security Is More Important Than Ever

CDK Global is upgrading the authentication technology for all CDK Drive users by moving user authentication to the Connect CDK Platform with Simple ID. Now you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security, plus an easier way to manage users in your DMS.

  • Users can reset their own passwords by answering security questions
  • Manage user roles and permissions for other CDK applications that authenticate on the Connect CDK platform from one place
  • Manage users in one location, including provisioning and removal
  • Users log into Drive with their email address

Why Migrate To Simple ID?

Take Advantage of New Workflows

We are continually enhancing CDK Drive with new dealer workflows, including Accounting, Modern Retailing and more.

Enjoy the Benefit of Extra Time With CDK Unify

CDK Unify is a new, modern entry point for your CDK solutions. Its intuitive, cloud-based interface is personalized to help you save time.

Multifactor Authentication

  • Provides an added layer of security to verify user identity when signing into Connect CDK applications.
  • Identity Access Management Multifactor Authentication (IAM MFA) uses a secondary method to enforce a higher level of security. IAM MFA is added to a protocol of passwords and security key verification, also known as one-time passcode (OTP).
  • By tying user access to several types of factors, MFA makes it much harder for common threats like phishing attacks and account takeovers to succeed.

Multifactor Authentication Is an FTC Requirement*

Dealerships are required to have MFA operational by June 9, 2023 in order to comply with the FTC Safeguards Rule. This rule is intended to protect your customers’ personal information and decrease the risk of identity theft and financial frauds.

*Applies to U.S. dealers only

What You Need To Do To Prepare

Your dealership's Administrator should complete the following tasks before you upgrade to Simple ID for Drive:

Administrators should remove all inactive users.

Administrator should also review the user email addresses for compliance with company standards and verify active users have an address in the system. This email address will become the user's new Simple ID.

Administrators will need to update trusted sites in all dealership PC browsers.


  • The email address must be unique and only used for the individual. This can consist of “first name”. The domain can be the dealer’s domain, Yahoo or Gmail.
  • Sample usernames:,
  • Invalid usernames: johndoe, jsmith, tech1, monthend
  • CDK dealers need to migrate to Simple ID.
  • No. Dealers will need to activate the MFA within Simple ID or have another form of MFA.
  • Non-federation means users log in to a CDK login page with CDK credentials and our Identity provider (Okta) authenticates the user.
  • Federation means the user logs into customer login page with customer-provided credentials and the customer Identity provider authenticates the user. A federation relationship is established between our Identity provider (Okta) and the customer's Identity provider, and Okta honors the authentication done by the customer’s Identity provider.

CDK Drive Is Offering Better Security and Easier User Management With Simple ID

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