Make it love
at first sight

Most people judge a website by its design, so make sure yours is inviting, integrated and easy to navigate with the help of CDK Roadster.

Give Consumers a Reason to Share Their Excitement

Not only does Roadster keep customers with you longer, over 70% of happy customers will also share their positive purchase experience with six or more people.

The Roadster Omnichannel Experience Keeps It Real

As the industry’s only complete digital platform, Roadster delivers more transparency, more dependability and more reasons to keep things moving forward.

A stronger connection throughout the relationship

Roadster follows the customer from the website to the showroom and back again. And it’s compatible with dealers’ preferred CRMs, lending solutions, website providers and more.

See what happens when customers have a positive digital experience

more engagement

Dealers who use our digital sales platform report twice as much online engagement as the industry average.

more staying power

When paired with the dealer’s website, Roadster keeps consumers engaged three times longer than the average visit.

more satisfaction

Roadster has a 4.5/5 star rating for customer satisfaction and an average NPS of +85, more than double the automotive industry average of +39.

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