In the past couple of years, dealers have faced major unforeseen challenges, from a global pandemic to an inventory shortage. If there's one thing we've learned, it's to be prepared. To plan for the future, and not just some hypothetical one.

At CDK Global, our Modern Retail suite is designed to support the needs of today's consumers, connect dealers' backend systems to facilitate faster, more seamless sales and help you envision the future so you can face whatever it holds with confidence.

So what are you waiting for?

The CDK Modern Retail Suite

CDK Roadster

Digital-sales platform offering a seamless car-buying experience online and in store, as well as remote-selling and showroom tools

CDK Elead

CRM and desking tool that uses data-driven insights and a virtual BDC to maximize engagement and productivity

CDK Document Cloud

One secure place to automatically archive and instantly retrieve all purchase-related documents

Be Prepared.

Why Modern Retail?

Supporting today's needs

CDK Roadster's Express Storefront digital sales platform meets customers where they are — online, in store or as they switch between the two. It also features remote selling and showroom tools that enable dealers to sell more efficiently online and in store.

Connecting dealers' systems

Our Modern Retail suite connects Roadster Express Storefront, Elead CRM and Desking, and CDK Document Cloud into one integrative solution. It gives your team the flexibility to work out of any system, and the information will automatically update in the other systems and make its way back to the customer — without rekeying it. This creates a faster, more seamless workflow from online to instore to contracting, making it easier to buy AND easier to sell.


Envisioning the future

CDK is in the process of developing the ultimate backend tool that will pull everything your variable ops team needs to manage the deal into one modular ecosystem. This will result in paperless end-to-end transactions that save even more time for dealers and customers alike.

Modern Retail ROI

A seamless experience from online > in store > contracting



  • Shave 1 hour off each transaction by starting deals digitally1
  • Save 11 hours in the internet/BDC by reducing bad leads4
  • Reduce employee training from weeks to days3
  • Sell 17 vs. 10 units/person with remote selling tools1

More Profit &

  • 2x internet close rate2
  • +$230 more PVR with a digital menu presentation
  • +$575 more PVR with omnichannel commerce2
  • +$230 more PVR with a digital F&I menu presentation2


  • Save $792,000 lost in noncompliance annually5
  • Save $360 per document lost during F&I6

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